Imperial Daze - 'Always Settling'

Part 1 of 2 for Imperial Daze’s double A-side release. Part 2 - ‘Man Out Of Myself’

Starring - Nahel Tzegai
Director - Nathan Sam Long
Producer - Gareth Williams
Cinematographer - Aaron Rogers

Colourist - Simona Cristea & Katie Dymmock
Art Director & Stylist - Thibault Maas
1st AD - Luis Issermann
Production Designer - Héloïse Perignon
Focus Puller - Andrej Rybar
1st AC - Tanmoye Khan
Gaffer - Kupa Warner
Spark - Joel Ward
Gimble Tech - Ibrahim Serra-Mohammed 
MOVI Op -  James Yeomans
Production Designer - Héloïse Perignon
Make-up Artist - Kirsty Graham

Thanks - Focus24, Coffee and TV, The Doodle Bar, Vincent Barbe, John Scarrow, Michael O’Shea, Panalux, Ascension Films and all the extras